Art crafts exhibition


Ferme du Domaine
1 chemin du Domaine

77510 Sablonnières

01 64 20 94 09



The 5th edition of this fair will be an opportunity for meetings and demonstrations in the presence of more than 20 multi-talented craftsmen!

You will see wood, iron, glass, fabric and paper being transformed into real works of art by experts' hands.

With the presence of the Compagnons du Tour de France for an exhibition and demonstration of slate cutting, and the Compagnons papetiers de Crévecœur du Marais for an exhibition and paper making!

You can also discover an exhibition of photographs.

Catering on the spot

This event is organized by the association " Patrimoine de la trêtoire et ses Hameaux" and " Art et Patrimoine de Sablonnières", with the partnership of the "Chambres des Metiers" and the "Artisanat de Seine et Marne".

Organised in the respect of the sanitary conditions in effect with the wearing of a mask being obligatory.


Free of charge.

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