Church Saint Loup de Naud


Mairie de Saint-Loup

77650 Saint-Loup-de-Naud

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This magnificent church was a place of pilgrimage for the Counts of Champagne, who came to pray to the relics of Saint Loup, the bishop of Sens.

The church was completed thanks to the donations of Henri le Libéral, Count of Champagne. Dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the church of Saint Loup de Naud has a cradle-vault roof.

There is a superb entrance in primitive Gothic style, sheltered under a porch richly decorated with sculpture. The spandrel shows a Christ in Majesty surrounded by the symbols of the evangelists. The sides of the entrance are occupied by the first example of column-shaped saints and prophets, a new idea for that time.

This spectacular door is similar to the royal door at Chartres Cathedral, and it counts among the treasures of Gothic art in the Ile de France.


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