La Parmélie Garden

La Parmélie Garden

This inventive garden combines sculpted plant forms, natural minerals and succulents that will surprise you throughout your journey…

La Parmélie Garden, in the village of Doue, close to Provins

3 Hameau du Château
77510 Doue






Pleasure, colour, substance, form, space. These are the words that describe La Parmélie Garden!

The garden is located on the grounds of the Castle farm at the foot of the picturesque Doue Knoll, upon which the village church is perched.

For more than 20 years, Daniel and his wife have shaped its hills and created winding paths in perfect harmony with the elements of décor artfully positioned about the garden.
Embellished by small water features and works made from minerals and woods, this garden’s colours, grounds and cloud-shaped trees are inspired by Japanese art.
Playful transparency effects from mirrors and visual gaps are dotted throughout the garden to modify your perception.

Your journey comes full circle when you encounter the garden’s cacti and succulents
The garden’s owners embrace the philosophy of letting everything grow before shaping it in order to create an exchange with nature and the living world around us.

A true lesson in humility and patience… and the sheer pleasure it is to anticipate and discover the unexpected surprises that Mother Nature can offer!

The garden’s colours and fragrances beckon you to return as they change with the seasons.

Schedules, Welcome conditions & Prices

Information and welcome conditions subject to change.

• From 1 April to 31 October 2023: visit by booking only and by mail for a minimum of 4 people.

• Adult 5 € – free for under 12 years old.

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Rdv at the 3 Hameau du Château, 77510 Doue.

0033 6 30 53 34 97 (only in French)