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A special edition on the theme "The Best of 50", to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Harvest Festival!

A little history...
In the summer, under the medieval city gates, the hooves of horses, often harnessed to carts loaded with bundles of wheat, could be heard. Their names were Bijou, Bayard...
The cart driver was cracking the air with his whip. These boots would be stored on the farm until threshing, which would take place in the winter.
The last cart crossed the village, decorated with the "Harvest Dog", a gutter decorated with wheat, oats and garden flowers, dahlias, gladioli. Then, this gutter presented to the farmers was fixed to the gate or nearby, in full view. It was a source of pride. The task was accomplished. The harvesters were happy.
A meal was shared at the masters' table: the main course was often a rooster from the farm, followed by a Brie cheese and a "boulie" pie.

The Harvest Festival of Provins is unique in France, because it's the only one which takes place in the streets of the town, rather than in its fields.

The Highlights:
> Place du Châtel: presence of the tightrope walker Didier Pasquette, moving with a battery of bicycles on a simple 1.5 cm cable, at a height of almost 10 m
> Place Saint-Quiriace: a large educational farm with nearly 100 animals that the youngest can pet and feed.
> At 3p.m.: Large original parade with floats decorated with wheat, showing the great classics of the last few years.
It will be animated by different groups of musicians and bands, costumed participants, farm animals and herds, and many other surprises in a friendly atmosphere...
> At 6p.m.: final concert in tribute to a famous French singer.

Also on the programme:
> Parade and exhibition of ancient tractors (with possibility of first time experience for children) and old cars
> Traditional Threshing with workhorse, flourmill and bread cooking
> Educational farm
> Numerous concerts of Celtic music, Band, french songs, barrel organ, jazz,...
> Ancient wooden games and children's activities, make-up, juggling, pony trekking
> Discovery of craftsmen and regional products

An educative and fun day for the whole family!


Adult: 10 €.

Free entry for children < 12 years.

Adult : entrance + monuments visit : 17€.

Book online to get special rates: 9 € (instead of 10 €) and 15,50 € (instead of 17 €)!

Free parking.


Sunday 28 August 2022 at 10 am.


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