The Witchcraft Festival


Place de l'Hôtel de Ville

77510 Rebais

01 64 65 47 44



Witches often have a bad reputation, accused of being heretics and burned at the stake in the Middle Ages.

Their attributes, a broom, a black cat, and a cauldron in which they concoct potions sometimes evil...

Some say that their existence dates back to antiquity, considered as shamans living in communion with nature, invoking spirits, and worshipping the Solar God and the Lunar Goddess, divinities of the "Witches' Cult".

To celebrate these extraordinary women, but also men, you are invited to the town of Rebais for the 2nd edition of the Witchcraft Festival!

This year, you will discover the huge " Witch's Cave " with its many fantastic and haunted decorations, for young and old alike.

Also on the programme, numerous animations and surprises... including a fantastic choreographed parade, creative workshop stands for children, not forgetting a treasure hunt in the stores of Rebais.

Drink and snack on site on Midday, where Pumpkin soup and Witches' Omelette will delight you!

A day of celebration where costumed visitors are welcome.

This event is organised in respect of sanitary measures in force, and we thank you for presenting a Health Pass.


The Witch's Cave:2 €.
Creative workshops: 5 €.


Saturday 6 November 2021 at 10 am.

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