Medieval village of Donnemarie-Dontilly

Medieval village of Donnemarie-Dontilly

Discover the cloister and medieval garden of Donnemarie-Dontilly, classified as a Village of Character!

Medieval cloister and garden of the village of Donnemarie-Dontilly, close to Provins

Rue de l’Église
77520 Donnemarie-Dontilly






The medieval garden and cloister of Donnemarie-Dontilly are part of one of the best-preserved parish buildings in France!

Abutted by the Church Of Our Lady of the Nativity (13th century), the cloister’s gallery leading to the chapel of Sainte-Quinette was built in the 15th century. Both are listed as Historical Monuments.

A medieval garden was restored at the old cemetery on the theme of “life and death”.
It represents the idealization of Paradise. The 12 rectangles represent the apostles and the months of the year. Each rectangle contains medicinal and aromatic plants.
In the middle of the garden, the oak and chestnut balustrade marks the “hidden garden” where lilies and Angelica grow, plants reputed to be able to prevent the plague.
The parterres lined with more decorative, trimmed boxwoods evoke the sacred readings of the 15th century.

Donnemarie-Dontilly, a designated Village of Character, is renowned for its charm and originality:
Nestled among woods, valleys and fields, the commune is the result of the merger of two rival towns that were very near to each other: Donnemarie-en-Montois and Dontilly, which were founded in the 9th and 12th centuries respectively. The former counted many artisans and traders among its populace, while the latter had many farmers. Separated by the Auxence River, which was forded in the Middle Ages, merging was already being discussed in 1878. The merger was announced on the 31st of July 1967.

The medieval walls consisted of 20 turrets and 4 gates. Today, you can admire the towers of the Porte de Provins to the East, a turret of Fort Bayard to the South and remains as the pilasters of the Porte de Paris to the North (formerly known as the Porte de la Maladrerie).

Starting from the church, we suggest you go on a hike, “Sigy wood“, labelled by the Fédération Française de Randonnée (French Hiking Federation), which is 15km long and of medium difficulty.

Cultural highlights not to be missed (subject to change):

• Saturday 22 June 2024: 7th edition of the Historic Festival of the Bassée-Montois region: numerous events and festivities.

• Saturday 6 July 2024 : 6th edition of the ‘Emmenez-moi’ Heritage Festival: a not-to-be-missed event for anyone interested in heritage and culture, created by the Department of Seine-et-Marne.

• Friday 23 August 2024: Donnemarie by Candlelight: discovery of the village’s heritage in an unusual way.

Complete programme soon available in the “Agenda

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• Open all year long and free visit from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free entrance.


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