Skike Trek 77

Skike Trek 77

Discover new sensations in cross skating with Skike Trek 77, to be practiced around Provins during all-terrain hikes!

Cross skating practice with Skike Trek 77, in the Provins region

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Cross skating is a fashionable sport, a mix of road cross-country skiing, rollerblading, hiking and Nordic hiking.

This discipline is very beneficial and helps you to escape from the mind while being physically active at the same time! Adherents assure that it allows to build up 95% of the body and 5% of the mind.

You will share a unique experience to observe nature and get off the beaten track!
Imagine… discovering unusual places and views, taking the marked or unmarked paths and trails, getting away from it all for a bucolic walk…

It is also an ecological means of transport, without impact and noise for nature. It is therefore completely compatible with photography.

Before the departure for the ride, Christine or Angélique will give you a complete briefing of 1h30 required, as follows:
• Briefing of 30 mn,
• Accompanied initiation for 1h.

You will thus have all explanations on the basic use: learning the two existing steps with and without stick, and the very important stopping.
Like all disciplines, the more you practice, the more you will master!

Quality equipment and maximum safety conditions:
• The equipment is guaranteed and insured,
• The equipment is suitable for all ages, from size 36 to 47 with a total weight of 120kg,
• The all-terrain wheels make it possible to practice in all weathers,
• Tyres inflated to 5.5 bar absorb all shocks from the road or joint paths,
• Wearing a bicycle helmet and knee pads are obligatory (possibility of loan, subject to availability and on request when booking).

Rentals are à la carte, because cross skating is synonymous with freedom!
The start can be done individually or in small groups from 1 to 4 people, with a maximum of 8 people.

Accompanying persons can follow the cross skaters by bicycle, VTT or VTC preferably..

For the journey, we advise you to bring your picnic and water.
Above all, don’t forget your small rubbish bag so as not to leave any trash behind!

Cross skating is therefore an ideal outdoor activity with family or with friends, for fun and good laughs, as well as for the sportive side and the search for performance.
Indeed, the practice can be more intensive, and for good reason, high level biathlon athletes use it for their summer training.

But the important thing is to go at your own rhythm and have fun..!

Schedules, Welcome conditions & Prices

• All year round and daily on booking, except on 1 January.

For your safety, welcome conditions are specially set up:
• Cleaning of equipment between each rental.

For beginners and per pers.:
• Discovery package: 1h30 (30 min. of training + 1 hour of accompanied walk) : 15 €.

For insiders and per pers.:
• Accompanied walk: 1 hour 15 € – ½ journey (4 hours) 54 € – Complete journey (8 hours) 112 €.
• Non accompanied walk : 1 hour 13 € – ½ journey (4 hours) 52 € – Complete journey (8 hours) 110 €.

For any non accompanied walk, a deposit of 700 € per person will be asked in advance.


Meeting place to be defined when booking.

0033 6 70 60 15 71 or 0033 6 16 72 78 29

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