Chapel of Lourps

Chapel of Lourps

In the heart of the Provinois region, come and admire the magnificent 13th and 15th century wall paintings in the church of Saint-Menge, known as the Chapel of Lourps!

Chapel of Lourps in the Provinois, Provins region
by appointment

1 chemin de Lourps
(access via D403)
77650 Longueville




The chapel of Lourps is today isolated on its hillside bordered by the Voulzie. But before the Revolution, it was attached to the adjacent castle and served a hamlet whose houses disappeared during the 19th century.

Its rectangular plan and gable roof make it a simple building. It has no spire and its bell is housed in the roof structure.

Its particularity is revealed inside, with magnificent wall paintings from the 13th and 15th centuries!
These were discovered thanks to explorations during the major restoration work that began in the 1980s and lasted 12 years.
This work was carried out following the collapse of the choir vault in 1966, which resulted in the chapel being closed to the public.

The oldest ones are from the beginning of the 13th century, imitating a false stonework and white joints painted directly on the plaster. Initially very simple, the decoration becomes more and more sinuous like the meshes of a net, showing more plastic qualities.
The painted decoration on the vault of the western portal is even more elaborate.

The second red and white decoration is more recent and dates from the late Middle Ages. The whole forms a harmonious contrast with the ambient brightness, due to the purity of the white and the contemporary stained glass windows.
The superimposed layer shows that it covered all the old facings.

The border is quite unique with the painted Coat of Arms of France at the choir level and the stylised animal and plant elements. They are reminiscent of the frame decorations in medieval illuminations and miniatures.

Inside the chapel, you will find a panel describing the different stages of the restoration and a historical booklet to learn more about this real treasure, only 8 km southwest of Provins!

Sources: based on Jacques MOULIN, “Lourps, église Saint-Menge (commune de Longueville”, pp 177-184, in Monuments de Seine et Marne, Congrès archéologique de France, Société Française d’Archéologie, 2015.

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Rdv 1 chemin de Lourps (access via D403), 77650 Longueville.

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