Monumental apple press, church and hall of Beton-Bazoches

Monumental apple press, church and hall of Beton-Bazoches

The village of Beton-Bazoches is full of historical treasures with its church, its covered market hall and its monumental apple press!
An unusual guided tour to discover the secrets of cider and apple juice production…

Monumental apple press of Beton-Bazoches, close to Provins
by appointment

Rue Tessier (apple press)
Place de l’Église (church and hall)
77320 Beton-Bazoches





The apple press of Beton-Bazoches is monumental. It dates from 1850 and was built by Désiré Naveau, a member of the craftsmen association, Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France.

It remains a unique landmark in the Île-de-France!

Immediately upon entering the room, the eye is drawn by the 700-kg stone grinder, once pulled by a horse to crush the apples.
The precious slurry was then placed in double presses, which functioned alternately, yielding hundreds of hectolitres of cider.

This drink has always been very popular and cherished.
This is certainly a unique journey back in time to the late 19th century.


Listed as a historical monument, the Saint Denis church of Beton-Bazoches is a medieval building of rather complex interpretation.
According to stylistic criteria, its construction can be dated between the last quarter of the 12th century (for the first two bays of the south aisle) and the middle of the 13th century (for the radiating chevet).

To be seen in particular:
• An altarpiece to the Virgin Mary in carved stone panels evoking episodes from the life of the Virgin.
• A 17th century pulpit with a bowl of six carved wooden panels dedicated to the Evangelists.
• The panels that adorn the drum of the door date from the 16th century and depict the Annunciation, the Visitation and the Adoration of the Magi.


The covered market hall dates from the 16th century.
In 1528, a letter of patent from François I authorised Louis Fretel, Lord of Beton-Bazoches, to hold three annual fairs, in January, June and September, and a weekly local market on Mondays.
The king required that this take place in a covered area.

Thanks to this royal privilege, the village became a commercial centre that radiated up to 20 kilometres.
Bought in Year II by Jacques-Antoine Berthault, the hall was immediately transferred, by donation, to the municipality, which still owns it.

Cultural highlights not to be missed (subject to change):

• Sunday 22 September 2024, from 2 p.m.: The European Heritage Days: opening and visit of the apple press.

• Sunday 13 October 2024, all day long: The Cider Festival: a great event, where you can see cider being made, taste it and walk the streets that turn into a huge flea market!

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• Visit by appointment from 10 people.

adult 2,50 € – child (6-12 years old) 2 €.


Rdv rue Tessier and Place de l’Église, 77320 Beton-Bazoches.

0033 6 75 47 74 78