Les Tabliers Gourmands

Les Tabliers Gourmands

What if your children took a cooking class? Let them prepare dessert and delicious foods for gourmets and gourmands… and maybe launch a new vocation with “Les Tabliers Gourmands”!

Les Tabliers Gourmands, cooking workshops and training course in Provins

“Gourmandises Médiévales”
workshop/biscuit factory
12 rue de Jouy
77160 Provins








Professional pastry chef Corinne created “Les Tabliers Gourmands” (Gourmet Aprons) to offer courses and culinary traineeships to everyone.
She really is a boss chef!

She has created different courses or traineeships adapted to children of various ages.

She can gently introduce your 3 to 6-year-old gently to a new concept. Her Little Kitchen Games allow children to explore food by taste, touch, smell and sound when playing with the colours, textures and flavours.
The children will discover the ingredients of the recipe before making it, then participate in a recreational culinary workshop, all the while singing a little cookery song. The end goal is the taste test!

For ages 7 to 10, Corinne offers the Learning to Cook workshop and the Cooking Good Food Well workshop for ages 11 to 16.
The programme calls for the wee chefs to produce sweet or savoury recipes that may be very easy or a bit more difficult, but are always made in a warm, friendly atmosphere!

Traineeships are also organised by reservation during school holidays.
Contact Gourmet Aprons to learn more!
The children can enjoy their creation onsite or take it home. They leave with the recipe and lots of tips to recreate their dish at home with the family!

All ingredients and materials are provided and only the finest products are used.

The workshops take place in her “Gourmandises médiévales” workshop/biscuit factory, a fully equipped and approved facility where you can buy little cakes with recipes from the Middle Ages!

Les Tabliers Gourmands” wins the “Artisan du Tourisme” label by the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat ÎdF – Seine-et-Marne and Seine-et-Marne Attractivité:

The “Artisan du Tourisme” label aims to promote local, quality craftspeople to local visitors and tourists.
It highlights the originality of products, the recognition of know-how, local production, creativity and sharing, particularly through discovery workshops.

Schedules & Prices

• Come during the week or at the weekend, depending on the workshop or course chosen.
• Traineeships during school holidays are available by reservation. Contact us to reserve your place.

• Advantage packages at 140 € and 240 € for 10 courses.
• Children can participate in 1 course at a time, depending on the age group and availability: from 15 € to 25 €.


Rdv in the workshop/biscuit factory “Gourmandises Médiévales”, 12 rue de Jouy, 77160 Provins.

0033 6 23 63 86 84


www.lestabliersgourmands.com (only in French)

facebook page: Provins Tourisme
Instagram account: provins_medieval