Tourist Information Centre of Bray-sur-Seine

Tourist Information Centre of Bray-sur-Seine

Meet our team of stay advisers, delighted to welcome you to the Tourist Information Centre of Bray-sur-Seine!

Tourist Office of Bray-sur-Seine

Quai Saint-Nicolas
77480 Bray-sur-Seine
(face to n°19)

00336 37071968




The Welcome and promotional area or Tourist Office of Bray-sur-Seine is ideally located on the banks of the Seine, in the Bassée-Montois!

We invite you to discover this beautiful town thanks to a free historical visit all year round.

The banks of the Seine are a great place for walks, hikes or bike rides.
For this reason, you can rent our electric trekking bike and all terrain bike!

It is close to major cultural sites such as the Vie d’Autrefois Museum and the Bassée-Montois Eco Museum.
Thrill-seekers will be able to discover the region from the sky with Les Ailes de la Bassée or go water skiing, wakeboarding or wake skateboarding!

Not to be missed also the numerous activities of the National Nature Reserve of La Bassée and the various fishing spots!

You will find near our reception desk :
River stop.
Municipal swimming pool of Bray-sur-Seine.
• Picnic areas.
• Car park and camper area.
• Toilets.
• City-stadium and park
As well as all the small shops, hotels, restaurants… located in the town centre of Bray-sur-Seine.

Schedules, Welcome conditions & Prices

Information and welcome conditions subject to change.

• From 1 May to 28 September 2024: from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to twelve and from 1 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
• Weekly closure on Sunday and Monday.

Free entrance.


Quai Saint-Nicolas, 77480 Bray-sur-Seine (face to n°19).

0033 6 37 07 19 68
In case of closure, please contact the Tourist Office of Provins:
0033 1 64 60 26 26

Mail for bike rental: