Electric trekking bike and all-terrain bike

Electric trekking bike and all-terrain bike

Rent and book your electric bike, to effortlessly discover the heritage and landscapes of Provins and its region in total freedom!

Electric trekking bike and all-terrain bike rental in Provins and its region

On booking by mail





The electric bike is ideal to discover the medieval town of Provins and its monuments, whose particularity is to have an upper town called “Le Châtel”, and a lower town also called “Le Val”.
There is a certain difference in altitude, which you can easily see when you go down the rue Saint-Thibault, or up the rue d’Enfer…
You will see that this street is well named!

The more adventurous will be able to attempt the ascent through the trou-au-chat, but be careful on this steep path!

Then, what mode of transportation could be more adaptable than an electric trekking bike or all-terrain bike to extend your stay? You can ride it to explore at your own pace the hidden charms of the landscapes and heritage of the surroundings: Provinois region and the Bassée-Montois région!

You can pick it up at the Tourist Office of Provins and the Tourist Information Centre of Bray-sur-Seine.

All our bikes are for adults and teenagers, from 1.60m.
They are top-of-the-line Head trekking and mountain bikes with 8-hour battery life.

Have a great trip!

Schedules, Welcome conditions & Prices

Information and welcome conditions subject to change.

• From 30 March to 3 November 2024 on booking by mail.

• Rental onsite (no delivery) per bike: 2 hours 8 € – 1 half-day 13 € – 1 complete day 20 € – 1 weekend or 2 days 30 € – child trailer 5 €.
• Rental of gel saddle for delicate buttocks, optional: 2 €.
• Child trailer hire (for over 12 months and up to 2 children with a maximum load of 45 kg): 5 € (whatever the duration).
• Baby seat free of charge on request (subject to availability).

The hire price includes a helmet, high visibility vest, emergency kit and a combination lock.


• Pick up your bike onsite or by phone, acordig to opening hours:
Tourist Office of Provins (77160), chemin de Villecran: 0033 1 64 60 26 26.
Tourist Information Centre of Bray-sur-Seine (77480), Quai Saint-Nicolas : 0033 6 37 07 19 68.

Booking by mail: